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Delilah. My, My, My Delilah. 🎶 I didn’t expect love to happen so quickly but like the Tom Jones song, she’s music to my ears. Delilah hasn’t met a soul she doesn’t like, and expects every single person in the house to be giving her attention at all times. How could they not? This means even if 6 people are focused on her she will whimper for the 7th in the background and let out a lovely smile when everyone, absolutely everyone, is around her, meaning she can finally get onto her back for belly rubs and just relax. Delilah does relaxing very very well.

And Delilah isn’t just a pretty face, she’s ever so clever too. She’s sussed out that carrots are good for you & yummy, recognized our house after that first walk, and now leads the way home. She enjoys walks but makes it clear she must visit with every cat (every one), be stroked by every human (every one) and that when she’s done, she’s done and then it is time to head home for a spot of tea & snuggles on the couch.

Delilah loves pillows, often placing her head on them as if she’s human (which of course she is, honorary or otherwise!). She believes nighttimes are for sleeping directly on top of you, sometimes nose on nose.

She’s a bundle of energy who after 15 minutes of fun is ready for a 50 minute nap. And a treat. Repeat x 10, then a good 10 hour snooze. Like I said, she does relaxing very very well. She also gets ever so excited if you call her “Dally Lu”. Who knew?! She will run in circles and bark with joy. We are so so happy she’s here and are smitten kittens (if you can’t already tell! Ahem!).