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Say hello to Daria! She is the sweetest and cutest little princess you could ever ask to meet! She has completely urbanized after a week in Canada; getting in elevators and going up and down stairs is a piece of cake for her. Daria loves to meet new people, it’s just so natural for her to bond with everyone.

Daria is fond of walks in the park and would be outdoors for hours if she could! You wouldn’t think it, with her being so tiny and all, but Daria would make an amazing running buddy! This girl loves her exercise, so strap on those runners and have fun!

Daria is a perfect companion indoors as well, and loves to be around you when watching Netflix, cooking meals or working on your assignments! She would never make a fuss so long as you let her know that you are there for her. Her favourite spot is the corner on the couch where she likes to wrap her legs on yours and take a sweet nap. She is completely house trained and lets you know when she needs to go out.

Daria would make an amazing addition to the family and would make an amazing first dog for somebody. She’s such an easygoing, well-rounded girl who is eager to share the love with that special someone!