Coming to us straight from the city that gave us Beyonce; meet CYNTHIA or – as her foster parents like to refer to her – “The Duchess”!

Cynthia is a five-year-old shy and affectionate Chiweenie with tendencies of being bossy but I mean, who isn’t? She enjoys calm playtime with other dogs her size in neutral spaces and tends to be a bit more dominant when it comes to bigger breeds. She would prefer to be the only dog at home – hence the nickname.

This little Chiweenie likes to chase birds and squirrels so we would suggest a home without cats. She is a bit afraid of big and/or loud noises but is getting used to city life.

Her foster parents are currently crate training her and tell us she’s progressing well! This little fancy pants can also be picky when it comes to food and toys and wants what she wants and will get it one way or another. Sounds a bit like an Aquarius.

If you’re looking for a little cuddlebug that will run to greet you and give you a little dance while trying to jump into your arms, The Duchess is for you.