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Corinna is such a sweetheart. She is calm, quiet, and definitely very polite. She likes to spend time by herself lazing on her bed, but she will absolutely roll over for belly rubs every time you pass by!

She loves to play with her new toys and is learning very quickly to sit and stay for treats. She is starting to recognize her name too! She has done very well inside, no accidents as of yet and waits patiently to go outside for her regular walks.

Corinna has done really well on her leash, she is very reserved when she is outside but loves to sniff around as she’s exploring. She likes to meet other dogs and people, and is friendly to all. She seems to do well in a quiet environment where she can have her “me” time, and doesn’t mind being home alone. She will eagerly greet you at the door when you get back and you get to see this cute little face as soon as you get in.