Cora is an angel! She hasn’t been crated when her foster mom leaves the house and she is completely house broken and isn’t destructive in the slightest. She is the happiest and sweetest girl, who’s spirit is infectious. Despite her size she loves to snuggle, and has recently discovered what fun toys can be. She has encountered kids on our walks and seemed completely enamoured with them, although she isn’t fully aware of her size and strength so she would obviously still need to be supervised. 

We are not sure if it is still a side effect of her recent surgery (her right eye socket was stitched up), but much of her original energy has dissipated. She is happy to nap the day away as long as she has a good walk in the morning and after work – those walks are important though, she turns into an excited wiggle monster when the leash comes out. 

On the leash is is generally good. She can get distracted when she comes across another dog and can pull a bit. Its like she just wants to tell them all about how exciting her new life is ;). She also prefers to walk on your right side so she can keep an eye on you.

As for cats – we think it would largely depend on the personality of the cat. According to her foster mom, “Cora thinks everything and everyone is her bff, so if the cat is down to hang and play it might be ok, but I don’t think she would pick up on the signals to back off is the cat isn’t a fan of dogs.”

Everyone she meets agrees that she is special.