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We’re coco for COCONUT and think you will be too!

A spunky, rambunctious, chocolate-colored Chihuahua mix whose ears stand one up and one down. This little guy is part party and part business.

Coconut gets along great with his foster brother, napping close together, walking together and even getting into a few playful wrestling matches. He is working on leash training, something his new home will continue with. He pulls and barks when he sees other dogs and we’re trying to get the message to Mr. Coconut that it’s just plain rude! He’s catching on but like every dog, he needs boundaries and loves, something any owner can provide!

Coconut is super easy-going, extremely loyal and very sweet. He likes to hang out on the couch or on your picnic blanket in the park. Coconut has to watch his waistline, he came to us a bit overweight, and to prevent back problems in his tiny size, he needs regular exercise and to take it easy at snack time.

If you love to be snuggled but also enjoy a good time, this little Chi is for you.