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Clovis is a shy girl who is sweet as pie!

Right now the world is a bit of a spooky place for Clovis, she really enjoys relaxing in her crate, that’s her safe space. She likes to watch the goings on of the world from a cozy spot in the room and will return to her crate to take a break. You’ll know you’ve started to claim a place in her heart when she comes over for a gentle scratch under the chin or on top of her head. You might even get lucky with a little kiss on the hand and tiny tail wiggle. These little victories are amazing to watch, it’s an indescribable feeling to earn this girl’s trust.

Clovis likes other quiet pets, and enjoys the company of other dogs who like to relax and take it easy. A confident, low-key doggy friend who would be able to show her the ropes would be a great asset for her.
She needs a patient, understanding family that can show her that the world is a great place, and that people are where the chin scratches and the treats come from. Clovis really likes food, and treats will talk her into most things, so always being prepared with snacks is a big help! She’s such a brave girl who deserves the world, glimmers of her personality are already starting shine through, with some time and TLC this gem will shine!