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Meet Cisco!

Cisco is a very happy boy, his tail is always wagging!  He’s adjusting well to city life, he’s very curious and loves exploring. He’s very good on his leash and loves going for walks, this pup’s always peppy!  He has a 5.0 Uber rating and does well on the subway too.  He’s also driven in a car before in his crate, and he was very happy to lie down and take it easy.  He loves cuddling on the couch with his person and likes nothing better than sitting on your lap and getting his head scratched.  He sleeps well in his crate at night and is a very quiet boy in general. He wants to be his person’s good books, so he’s very motivated to be an extra good boy! He’s got a very sweet, gentle personality and is very affectionate; this little guy will love his people to the moon and back.