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Chonk is a young pup who is already proving himself to be the absolute goodest of boys!

He’s smart as a whip and very quick learner – mastering commands such as sit, stay, and lay down with ease. His leash skills are admirable, as he will walk right next to you and stop at a corner to wait for your blessing to cross the street. A little time to stop and smell the roses and this guy’s a happy camper.

Chonk’s gonna grow up to be a big fella, and although he’s far from full grown he already loves hanging with the big dogs! His best pals are two Great Danes and he gets along with dogs of other sizes too. He loves exploring the great outdoors and isn’t bothered by most of the busyness of city life; buses, bikes and pedestrians don’t bother this puppy! On top of all this, Chonk’s already house trained too.

This little fella (soon to be a very big fella) has the biggest heart. Nothing makes this sweet boy happier than sitting on top of your feet, laying on his back receiving belly rubs, or being your little spoon… and watching Spongebob in the morning. He’s such a lover and melts hearts on a daily basis; Chonk will bring so much happiness to his forever family.