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Chilton is a complete cuddle bug and even though he’s 40 lbs he still thinks he’s a lap dog! Home life seems to be brand new to him and he explores everything with cautious curiosity. He likes to sleep on his dog bed by the window day and night. He’s the calmest boy and loves to sleep the day away! He loves going for car rides and sits comfortably in the back seat. He is learning the basics and working on his leash walking skills. Chilton is shy at first, but it doesn’t take him long to warm up to you. He’s very gentle and gives endless kisses, not to mention the free hugs when you come home! As he gets comfortable and learns that he’s safe, he comes out of his shell and has a bit more energy and excitement. Chilton is learning how to play and has taken a liking to his new frog toy. He is very family oriented and likes it when everyone is in one room. When you go anywhere in the house, you can be sure your sidekick Chilton will always be there! He is a very quiet boy and makes next to no sounds. He is definitely housebroken and has had no accidents; he goes to the washroom when we get outside. He’s looking for his forever home and will make a good family dog if given the chance.