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Meet Chantry: the Ultimate Ride-or-Die Chill Companion

You know how some dogs have endless energy and want to walk, run and play in the park all the time? That’s not Chantry.

She’s more of a Netflix-and-chill kinda girl. A let’s-lounge-on-the-couch, then laze by the fire and snuggle dog. She’s loyal but independent, timid, yet brave. She’s sophisticated too – we’re pretty sure this little lady speaks in a British accent (think Judy Dench or Helen Mirren).

Don’t let those Tina Turner legs fool you – she’s barely 10 pounds!

Have a doggo already? Chantry’s fine to have a canine sibling but would just as happily be a solo dog.

Chantry’s ideal people are chilled out. Like her, they embrace an easy-going lifestyle and appreciate the good things in life: food, naps, belly rubs and love. She could just as easily be the ironic companion to a bearded hipster as she could be the gentle friend to a sweater-knitting senior.

This girl is so chilled out she’ll fit in anywhere, house or condo. She’s quiet, house trained and crate trained. If you’re looking for a tiny little lady to snuggle the day away with, then Chantry’s your girl!