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Are you looking for a partner in crime? The perfect dog to take to your office or sit beside you while you work from home? A chill girl whose happy to have a lazy Sunday but ready for adventure at the drop of a hat? Look no further, Celina’s your dog!
This very special pup came from Texas with a surprise pregnancy and delivered 8 puppies soon after. All of her puppies have since been adopted, and live around the city, but Celina’s still waiting for the right home!
Because she loves her people so much, Celina needs someone who will spend most of their time with her. She’s working on being more independent but ultimately would be happiest with a person or family that’s looking for a constant companion! She gets along with dogs her own size and is starting to show her playful side! She’s a smart girl who loves a good mental workout and is excited to learn and hone the many skills in her repertoire. Celina’s a one of a kind girl who’s sweet nature charms all her human friends!