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Cedric is a sweet, mellow guy with simple needs – scratches behind the ears, a few walks, a comfy place to take a nap and a bone to chew is enough to make Cedric a very happy guy.  He is very easy-going and is quickly getting used to all the strange city noises he encounters on his walks, and likes saying hello to new people and dogs he meets.  One look from is big soulful eyes and he charms everyone in his path and quickly persuades them to give him some love. Cedric is happy to hang out with his doggy foster brother and will even play a bit sometimes, but is also content to sit next to him on the sofa. He does enjoy going for longer walks and doing some exploring, but he is also fine to hang out at home. He is totally chill with cats and leaves them to do their own thing. Cedric is quiet in his crate at night and when left alone, and is very good about letting you know when he has to go outside to do his business. Cedric is just looking for a nice new family to give him a home to call his own, and will return any love you  him with kisses and snuggles.