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Prepare to be charmed by this handsome little boy, Caruso is an absolute pleasure to spend time with! He has a never-ending supply of snuggles, comic relief and kisses. In addition to being very receptive to commands (he learned “sit” in a matter of minutes!), Caruso loves to play fetch with his humans or simply prance around squeaking his toy and amusing himself. Caruso knows exactly when he or his human needs some alone time and will happily lay down in a sunny place. He is adapting extremely well with condo-life and doesn’t even bark at a knock on the door! Potty training has been a breeze and he sleeps well in his crate overnight, especially if put to bed with a stuffed Kong and a friendly presence close by. Caruso isn’t yet accustomed to his crate during the day, but with some support, he will adapt. Though leashed walks start off little energetically, Caruso is quick to relax once he’s had his initial pee. Caruso has yet to spend time with other animals aside from polite sniffs with other pups during walks. Caruso is an extremely sweet, loving and endearing boy who is ready to meet his best friend.