Just like his name sake, Cappuccino will give you all the warm, cozy and relaxing feels and despite his young years, this guy has got life pretty much figured out:

Toilet and crate trained – Check and check, but he might shed a tear when you first leave (he’s a sensitive soul).

Social skills – Cappuccino is so sweet and friendly to dogs and humans. He isn’t the life and soul of the party yet, but he always shows up!

Self care – Cappuccino knows how to chill out as well as make time for his hobbies including bone chewing, cuddles and watching movies.

Regular exercise – His loose leash skills are second to none! He is still working on his fitness so for now shorter walks are perfect for him.

Eats well – It’s bulking season so Cappuccino’s aiming to eat 2 square meals every day plus an occasional treat (hey, nobody’s perfect!)

Cappuccino checks all the boxes for a well rounded pup, he’ll make an amazing little companion, plus he’s got the cutest bat ears!