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What an amazing soul! Canning is stocky, spry and a genuine good boy. I nicknamed him Cubby because he reminds me of a bear cub and cuddles like one too. He sure loves to love. Once you become his person, you’re his ride or die and he is now your shadow. He will look at you longingly with puppy dog eyes from across the room, will try to sneak his way onto the couch for a hearty snuggle with you. He will literally jump for joy and spring three feet off the ground when you walk into a room. He’s a working dog and his number one job is loving *you*. He’s a medium to low energy dude: one big walk per day (with plenty of short walks/pee breaks (he’s still housebreaking but is almost perfect!) will tucker him out. He’s not a big barker, letting out a single random woof every now and then when he hears a dog outside. He’s otherwise quiet. He comes to work with me and my other dog and just snoozes most of the day away. Canning is starting to work on how he feels about alone time and I’m sure once he feels a bit more confident he’ll be completely fine with it. He gets along splendidly with my dog. They play together, find comfort in each other and nap together. He’d be a great second dog but would also do great solo since his number one priority is being his human’s number one fan. He mastered sit today and also already knows lay down. Canning has the most wonderful calming energy. There’s something so therapeutic just petting him and holding him; he sure has brightened my world!