Meet Buffy, also known as Sleepy Beauty, since she loves to sleep! What she loves even more is sleeping on you while giving you kisses and putting her paw on you to make sure you’re there with her. When she’s awake, she wags her tail non-stop when you’re around and appreciates a good scratch session.

Buffy is very loving and trusting, always wanting to say hi to people she meets. She seems to be house trained and does well in her crate too. She’s working on her other basics and has the one of the best “sits” ever! She’s still getting accustomed to life in the city and will need patience and support from her forever family while she continues to adjust and become more comfortable with the busyness of Toronto. In the short time she’s been here she’s already showing great progress and with the help of her foster home she’s slowly building up her confidence.

Buffy is a one of a kind girl who’s constant wagging tail is a sign of her strong spirit; all she needs is a loving forever home that will help her blossom into an even more confident pup.