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Meet Bubba!

He’s a golden oldie with a lot of love to give. He came to us at not fault of his own! He’s 11 years young and walks with a little limp from an old injury.

He is snuggly and cuddly and wants to be around people. He is great on a leash and great with other dogs he meets, even playing with other dogs for a while.

He is fully housebroken, great in the crate though prefers to be out and about.
Due to his old injury, he has a hard time getting on the couch and can’t get on the bed (though he tries!).

He likes short walks and is a calm dude. He is not a chewer or destructive in any way but he will try to get into the garbage if you leave it unsealed!

He’s a sweet, soulful, quiet, snuggly and pretty much perfect really, except for he gets defensive when other dogs are around his food.

He’s very sweet and you can apply for this handsome man at