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Big, beautiful boy Bryson is one cool character. He is just starting to show off his personality, but all signs point to him being a gentle soul and probably a bit of a goofball! While he’s happy to lounge the day away at your feet, he loves long walks with his people and will spring into action as soon as you pick up his lead. This rural west Texas expat is ready for city life being totally unphased by the noises and distractions of Toronto living. During long walks Bryson loves meeting new dog pals – you’ll often hear, “wow, usually my dog doesn’t like other dogs!” as no one can resist the charms of this certified good boy. Always trying to impress, Bryson is very well mannered! He is housebroken, walks very well on a leash and is begrudgingly crate-tolerant. Bryson will sit for you, but his specialty is a paw shake. While he may not immediately beg for your pets and cuddles, he certainly doesn’t turn down any opportunity to lean into a good back-scratching session or a full-body brushing. He is cat tested, currently sharing the resident feline’s suspicious indifference.
Please adopt furry, friendly Bryson before his foster parents fall any more in love!