Bruce Wayne is the sweetest and calmest Chihuahua you’ll ever meet. At first this little guy comes across as independent and shy but he’s just taking his time to get to know you and will soon want nothing more than to sit in your lap and cuddle. He is always happy to find a space on the couch and snuggle with the blanket, or even better, a willing family member! He loves to sleep! Bruce likes to be close by anyone and will often follow them from room to room. Bruce Wayne is not a loud or yappy dog and has yet to make a peep when someone knocks on our door. He is very chill and loves being around people from the safety of his own space. Once he starts wagging his tail he won’t stop!

We are working on basic commands and his recall, with the top priority of getting him familiar with his name. Bruce Wayne is also crate trained and does not howl or whine when it’s time for bed – in fact he loves his crate! With a bit of light encouragement (carrying outside) Bruce Wayne is a housebroken dog. He’s starting to make progress with walking on a leash and likes to go on brisk walks.

Being outside we’ve noticed he has an extremely low prey drive with zero interest in the many squirrels in our backyard. He has not been cat tested.

Bruce Wayne would do well in a home that is looking for a low energy and low maintenance dog. He does not require extensive walks or excessive attention but would do well with a family that can work on his confidence on a leash and meeting new people. He would benefit from a family that would provide him a steady amount of love and support and establish a routine that he can become comfortable with.