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Bronski is just an amazing dog! I know every loving foster mommy says that for her pup, but in our case – we really scored the foster lottery (if there’s such a thing!). Bronski came as a scared and confused puppy but in short few days he’s relaxed and started showing us the beauty of his character. He lives for belly rubs and cuddling. If you come back home after a day of work, you know he’ll be first at your face trying to give you a kiss. If you’re just sitting on your couch and relaxing, you know he’ll be there to squeeze in right next to you. On the same note, Bronski thinks he’s a little lap dog and we didn’t want to tell him the truth and break his heart.
He’s good with our dog Taro and  it took him few days to relax around her. He’s definitely a more into his people!
He knows how to sit down, walk properly and he’s potty trained! Remember that lottery I mentioned before? Bronski is the jackpot.