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G’day! I’m Broncho (Bronx for short, or Bronchalinho if I was a Brazilian soccer player). I’m an Australian Shepherd mix and probably about one year old!

I’m playful, outgoing and super curious about the world and everything in it. I love meeting new people and dogs, and although it’s exciting, I’m learning to be a bit more of a polite greeter since not everyone wants to play as much as I do! I’m high energy, (but I rarely bark) and I also love to nap, especially underneath tables or desks. I’m totally cool with being left alone in my crate during the day, but if other people are in the room while I’m hangin’ in my crate I get major FOMO since I wanna be a part of the action too! I’m super duper smart and LOVE treats so I’m doing well with my training so far. I love to learn and would love to be a part of an active family who are as excited to work with me and I am to learn!