Brita is a sweet 1 year old Lab mix that has been in a shelter for most of her life and is starting to adjust to her new life in Canada. She is a gem of a dog who is looking for someone to see past her timid exterior and understand her potential. Since Brita has  never lived in a home with a family, she is apprehensive around normal household things such as doors, stairs and vacuums. She is slowly coming out of her shell and beginning to blossom into an absolutely lovely dog. She is warming up quickly to new people and cannot get enough attention. She is working on her house training and is doing very well. Her true personality is coming through, and she’s revealing a very playful somewhat mischievous side of herself. She loves other dogs and would be an excellent second dog. Brita has a warm heart and a sweet demeanor; once you win her heart, we are convinced that you’ll have it forever.