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Handsome boy alert! Brennan has been a very pleasant surprise for us first time fosters! We were worried he’d be anxious or defensive, but as soon as we met him he willingly approached us and was ready for cuddles. He loves snuggling on to our laps and loves to be petted. He’s been really quiet so far and we haven’t heard him bark yet!

He is also a quick learner! Our first walk with him, he was very excited to walk ahead of us, but after we tried a few quick tricks that we learned from a trainer, he let us take the lead. We were also amazed that he knows how to follow a few commands quite easily. We’ve had him sit, stay/wait, and ‘come here’. He’s also fine with going up and down the stairs.

He doesn’t seem to like peanut butter (surprising!). If he isn’t following you around the house, eager for more petting and walks, you’ll most likely find him in his bed taking a nap. He’s been great with us so far, and we can’t wait for him to find his furever family!