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Bravo is the most chill, calm dude there ever was!

He is so soft-hearted and gentle, his goal in life is to share as much love as he can. He’s always ready for walks and enjoys sniffing out his new neighbourhood while remaining a total gentleman on leash. As soon as you come home you get the classic Bravo greeting – a big ol’ tail wag and a head pressed against you asking for a nice scratch behind the ears. He is coming out of his shell slowly but surely and is already showing himself to be such a sweet pup. He’s such a soulful guy who is very in tune with his people and  wants nothing more than to show how great of a companion he’ll be. This boy keeps his cool in any situation and does great with other people and other dogs. This easygoing boy will cruise his way into your heart with just one look of those golden eyes of his.