Bradley’s puppy dog eyes are melting hearts everywhere he goes!

He is sweet pup who loves to give kisses and is a sucker for belly rubs and head massages. He takes few minutes to warm up to strangers but once he does, he’s an absolute delight! He’s definitely the centre of attention and is totally cool with all head scritches he’s been getting from everyone he meets. That being said, he is also comfortable being independent so long as he knows you’re around! He’s a quick learner too, he’ll be a breeze to work with.

Although not a fan of toys yet, he loves to play with his tennis ball. If you’re thinking of playing fetch, you’ll be doing most of the running! Bradley doesn’t believe in bringing the ball back to you and why would he? You’re going to throw the ball again anyways! With a little time and patience his cute game of chase will turn into a polished professional fetch.

He’s an awesome little pup who gets along great with other dogs and cats. He’ll make a great companion for a family looking for a loving, goofball of a dog!