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Hey y’all, I’m Bowen! I’m a sweet n’ silly lil Texan gal who has made it through some tuff stuff! I used to army crawl everywhere or hide my face in corners to avoid all the scary new things in Toronto, but guess what?! I’ve made lots of doggo friends who told me this is a safe place to be! And hoomans are pretty darn amazing ….heck, kittehs too! I LOVE having a dog sister – she’s borkin’ cool and taught me all the doggin’ rules ‘round these parts

Guess what else?! I came housetrained! I just knew you’d wanna take me home and gimme the good life! My foster ma says that means I can cuddle on the couch AND the bed – Canada is PAWESOME! Naps and chew toys are my other favs! I love plodding around town on walkies, but sometimes loud noises or strangers give me a fright and make me go SPLAT! Ma says “Come on, Bow-Bow, you GOT this” and ya know woof? I believe her! Crate training is a bit ruff, but I get to be my best self with my fur fam at home… and it gives me the zoomies! I’m the fastest meatball you’ve ever seen!

Do y’all like to Petflix n’ Chill? Have a penchant for pups resembling potatoes? Is nibblin’ your love language? Well… yeeeehawwww, pardner!!! Let’s get our furever on!