Little Bjork is really opening up, a little patience, encourage and love goes a long way for this sweet girl.

She has no problems in her crate during the day and barely makes a peep whether she’s inside or outside. She absolutely loves her bed and anything soft that she can nestle into. This brave girl’s  biggest accomplishment, thus far, is conquering going up all the way up the stairs, way to go Bjork!

Her hobbies include giving kisses, playing with her canine foster sister, prancing around on the grass, naps and exploring.  She is great with people – after a few minutes of pets, she is ready to give all the kisses! She will thrive with a patient, loving family who understands that she needs support as she continues to adjust to city life, but trust me when I say it is worth it! When those big ears perk up and she looks like the cutest little alien – it will melt your heart.