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Billy is amazing and adjusting well to his new life in Toronto. We are so in love and excited for his forever family. Below are some things we have learned about him.

His favourite foods are scrambled eggs and sweet potatoes.
Billy loves walking through leaves and bushes, preferably ones that have been tended to by a professional gardener.
He prefers to walking and will take the car as a last resort. 
He loves cats and dogs but isn’t sure how to play yet. Billy tends to stay in the sniffing zone.
He will do anything for a belly rub.
He does well when left alone but would prefer to be with (on top of/snuggling) people the whole day.
He loves couches but isn’t sure how to gracefully get off of them.
Billy is a very fast learner and is working on responding to commands in busy spaces.
He respects the personal space of strangers but not his family’s.
Billy loves stairs and will take any chance he gets to climb them.
He is confident and comfortable but does best with a bed or crate in the room.
Billy loves his people and doesn’t mind it when they check out his vampire teeth.
He doesn’t chase birds or squirrels but will quietly watch them from inside.
He has a self imposed bedtime of 9:30.
He is a GOOD DOG.