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Bexley is a splendid girl who at just one year young could fool you into thinking she was an old lady.
Her gentle nature is such a delight as she is happiest when cuddled up close to you on the sofa or on the bed.
She loves her walkies and walks like a dream on the leash. She is social and playful outside but still her usual chill self. She greets other dogs and people with a tail wag and will even stand up on your legs to see if she can see your face.  Bexley uses her lovely nose to poke you if she wants your attention. I think that if given the opportunity she would love a back yard to have a nice run around in off leash.
Since she first arrived Bexley has barely given my two cats the time of day. The cats can even sleep beside her and she doesn’t seem to care.
Bexley has no food aggression and has not shown any sign of any kind of aggression whatsoever. I think like all the Texas dogs , she’s just so grateful for a warm bed and good food. And of course lots of love.
I visualize Bexley with a family who is not overly athletic as she is not appearing to want to go for a big run. She loves to trot beside me a a calm pace. She loves our park and she loves walking with my dog.
Bexley has not had one accident inside and holds her necessary bathroom business until we go out.
She is a very mild mannered, sweet girl.
All I can say is that I think Bexley is a perfect pooch.