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Betsy is a Shepherd x Lab mix and is about 3.5 years old; she is shy, independent lady. She can be hesitant around new dogs and new people, however, she warms up quickly when she can do it at her own pace! She doesn’t seem too interested to hang-out and play with other dogs and not a big fan of dogs getting too into her space. She would definitely benefit from a home with a calmer dog, or would be ok being the only dog in the home as well.

She knows some basic commands like ‘sit’ and ‘give-paw,’ and she lovesssss her crate! She can just sit and relax in there with her toys. She can  be startled by loud-noises, and has taken a bit more time warming up to males. That being said, she is very food motivated;

she’s just careful and likes to work at her own pace! Her Foster Mom and Dad say she is very easy to be around, and likes to cuddle and get rubs and relax with them. She also isn’t a barker!

If Betsy sounds like she would be a good fit, apply to adopt today!

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