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Sweet Beryl is incredibly loving and affectionate. Nothing makes her happier than being close to people, and she is always happy to say hello to new dogs on her walks. 

She is adjusting to city life well, getting used to all the sounds of smells of the big city. Sometimes it gets a bit overwhelming and she takes a quick pause, but with a bit of encouragement, she is ready to carry on with her walk. You can always tell when she is focused on listening to her surroundings, because her ears perk right up! Beryl likes the squirrels and birds she sees, but maintains her playful attitude and doesn’t pull to chase them. 

Beryl is a sweet, quiet girl that likes to be with her people. She doesn’t make a peep in her crate when her foster parents go out, and is ready to give lots of kisses when they return. This loving lady is looking for her forever home with someone who is willing to give her all the cuddles!