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Hiya! My name is Bernadetta, my foster parents usually call me Bernie for short. I am one of the gentlest, calmest dogs you may ever meet! Loud noises and excited dogs make me a bit nervous but I am getting more comfortable with life in the big city every single day, including riding the elevator with confidence! I am a super friendly girl, who gently greets every human and I am getting more curious about other dogs when we go out on walks too. I also really like my crate! I hang out in there during the day and sleep all night inside without a peep. I am currently working on always doing my business outside but my foster parents know that I am super smart so I will get it quickly. Speaking of my super smarts, I already know “sit” and am working on “lay down” and “paw”! I’m a great walker, I like to go outside and smell everything! I think there is some hound dog in me somewhere. I bet I would make a great addition to any family; I’d do great with a dog sibling to show me the ropes but I am also content being an only pup. Adopt me if you are looking for a loving, loyal sidekick!