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Remember when you were a kid and would draw a picture of a dog? Did they have floppy ears, a long tail and a big smile? Guess what? He’s here. Meet Beaumont!. He’s just a really good dog. He wants to hang out with you and be your friend. Wanna watch TV and cuddle? Yes please. Play with some toys? Let’s do this.

Do you already have a dog? No problem. Beaumont is patient and gentle with his foster sibling and seems very interested in playing with bigger dogs on the street.

Here’s the thing. Beaumont is a work in progress. Maybe you are too. You know who won’t judge you for that? Beau. He thinks you’re AWESOME. If you’re willing to put in a little time and patience with him he’s gonna throw that right back at ya. He’s ready and willing to learn!

His foster parents are working on his leash walking skills and his other manners at home. With some time and consistency he’ll be even more gentlemanly than he already is! He already knows how to sit and is totally cool to sleep in his crate at night or while you’re away at work; he’s super quiet too. He also really enjoyed bath time and we expect he’d love to spend some time at the lake going swimming.

Beaumont is a total goofball and unbelievably infectiously joyful. One look at smiling mug and you’ll be head over heels for this pup.