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Hi everyone! I’m Beanie, the one-eyed pug. Don’t worry, I don’t let my birth-defect stop me, I’m an active, playful, always on the go sorta guy – full of happiness and energy! I love to go for walks but I’m a curious so I zig zag a lot – I hope you don’t mind while I work on my walking. I love my humans and follow them around like a shadow. And not just my human, I love to give just about anyone a big old kiss. I’ve adjusted to life in Toronto like a charm. If no one told me, I wouldn’t have realized I ever moved! I’m great in my crate, don’t cry or bark, haven’t had any accidents in the house and I’m totes kitty friendly. Stairs spooked me at first but it only took me a couple days to figure it out. My foster mom says I’m a smart guy who learns quick! If I had it my way, I’d spend all day playing with you, so I’d do best with a happy and active individual or family. I’m ready for forever love and I can’t wait to show you how good of a boy I am!