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So, we asked Banana’s foster on an update. How is he? What’s he like? A few select quotes:

  • His celeb lookalike is Liam Hemsworth. He’s the type of athletic boy who could probably run a marathon then go for a post-run jog “just for fun.”
  • His fur is so soft he’d make the Cotonelle kittens jealous, and his stunning coat makes even the burliest men stop in their tracks and whisper “he’s beautiful” under their breath.
  • He’s playful with other dogs, but if one gives him attitude he’ll run the other way because he’s a lover not a fighter
  • He’s still a young guy so is learning his way around the commands “sit” “stay” and “move over you’re hogging the entire bed.”

“Sometimes,” his foster says, “life gives you lemons and other times it gives you a 63-pound spotty banana.” That’s better than lemonade, if you ask us.