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What do you value most in a relationship? Compassion, love, understanding, companionship or how about a great listener? Well then check out my my bunny ears, they were MADE for listening!

My name is Babette and I’m a great listener. Need someone to curl up with you after a long day to listen to you or do you have trouble sleeping? Well just tell me what’s troubling you, stroke my back and your stress will melt away. Like reading? Well I’m your girl. I am game for any genre! I also enjoy playing fetch, chewing on my favourite toy by your feet or cuddling on the couch. I love walks in the park and prancing around my foster mom’s backyard checking out birds, squirrels and butterflies! Yep, I am fully house trained too! I get along very well with my foster sibling, who’s a little pup like me! I’ve also met big pups too, I like to make friends of every size!  I’m one smart cookie and it’s my life’s mission to show my people how much I love them. Oh, and I love car rides too! I am looking for a serious long lasting commitment, someone who will love, honor and cherish me for the rest of my life. I have so much love to share with the world and am ready to jump into the next chapter of my life!