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Azalea is one rambunctious pup! This girl rarely sits still; she’s either going full tilt or sleeping. There is very little in between. If not occupied she will find something to do. She’ll chew on blankets, carry sheets or floor mats around the house, or wrestle with other dogs; she can turn anything into a game. When all else fails, chasing her tail seems to tire her out.

She’s currently working on her leash skills. She’s very well behaved and wants to please you. She can sit, shake a paw, and stay on command. She could definitely benefit from and would love some obedience training that would engage her extremely sharp mind! She’d be a star pupil. She’s curious about everything, and watches all that you do. Teeth brushing in particular seems very interesting to her. She’s already figured out that I don’t like when she barks at sirens and does it a lot less.

Azalea is a young energetic dog and would do well with an active and loving companion.