Meet Avocado, the most handsome little guy who’ll steal your heart away. He’s such a gentle, loving and loyal good boy. He’s friendly to all that will give him a good scratch or attention and will sit with you for hours until you are tired of gazing into his sweet brown eyes.
As an older gentledoggo, he’s got quite a few manners under his belt. He is fully house trained, waits politely as you prepare his meal,  and understands the basics like sit and recall . He rarely barks, if at all, and is fully crate trained. He just sits quietly with his own deep thoughts and when he’s done enough thinking he’ll settle down for a nap. When you come back home you’re greeted with the fastest tail wags and the biggest smile (and the cutest dog!!).
He likes all the treats and all foods, this Avocado is no picky eater.
Being an older dog with limited vision, he is such a great companion who doesn’t need a high speed environment. He gets along with other dogs and would be fine to have another buddy or to be the only pup in the household. He still has some pep in his step and likes to go on little adventures around the neighbourhood to get his sniff on. He really is a charmer, beware his mesmerizing puppy dog eyes, one look and you’ll be head over heels!