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August is an incredibly special dog that steals the hearts of everyone who meets her!

August is looking for a forever home with another dog who can continue helping her feel safe in the new and sometimes spooky world. A social pup who can show her the ropes and “how to dog” gives her the confidence to be curious and explore.

She’s slowly coming out of her shell, it’s been a process but her progress has been amazing! She’s a gentle soul who’s playful and affectionate side is starting to shine through. She’s great in her crate and has no issue with being left alone during work hours too. As she gain confidence, August is revealing just how smart she is – she’s super into puzzle toys and working her brain, she’s particularly fond of food puzzles for an added challenge at meal time!

August would thrive with a patient and loving forever family who understands that slow and steady wins the race. She’s a special girl who deserves the world.