Miss Audrey is a super sweet and sassy little pup that is so looking forward to finding her furever home! You may recognize her from her recent appearance on Breakfast Television. She is awaiting her Oscar in the mail! Audrey is a total lap dog and loves being close to her human all the time. She loves taking in the sights and sounds of the neighbourhood from the warmth of her humans arms or while cuddled into a sling around her human’s neck. Prior to coming to Canada, Audrey sustained an injury which left both of her hind legs fractured and weakened. She has just enough strength in one of her legs to allow her to scoot around on her bum. She will require a wheelchair for walks and most of her mobility. Despite her injury she does maintain control over her bladder and bowels and is working hard to become cratetrained and housebroken. Audrey is such an adventurous girl and is so excited to be able to explore the world around her. She is good with other dogs; however can be a bit jealous when her fur siblings are getting attention from her human. Audrey steals the hearts of everyone she meets and is such a calm and easy-going pup. She is very grateful that Redemption Paws has given her a second chance at life, as special needs dogs are frequently overlooked and euthanized in Texas.