Arya is full of love! Her number one priority when you get home is to press her head into your chest and then take your bag off of you with her snout. She loves nothing more than getting head and belly scratches, and if she’s with a group of people, she’ll go from person to person (and then rinse and repeat!) so that everyone gets to share some love with her. Arya has adjusted very quickly to stairs, elevators, and the busyness of downtown Toronto. The hustle and bustle of the city don’t bother her one bit. Outdoors, Arya is energetic and ready to explore, while indoors, she’s relaxed; she’s happy to just follow you around and keep you company, regardless of what you are doing. She warms up quickly to new people, and when around other dogs or cats, just wants to play. She is house trained, very loyal, and a fast learner. Arya is ready to bring a lot of love to her forever home in Canada!