Arnie is the sweetest wiener in all the land! He is always down for a cuddle session, either on our bed, couch, or lap. He hasn’t burrowed under our blankets yet like I expected, but maybe if it gets colder.

He doesn’t mind the cats at all. In fact, they are quite enjoying the fact that they’re taller than him.

He hasn’t had a single accident inside and waits to go the bathroom until we’re down the elevator and outside our building’s door. He slept all through the night right next to me, occasionally letting a little snore.

He is really short. Like, super squatty. So we have to lift him up onto lots of things. He can jump up to our couch, and we have a set of stairs leading up to our bed that he’s working on mastering.

Arnie hasn’t made a peep at anything. Not at other dogs, noises in the hall, knocks on the door, nothing.

Overall he’s a very good boy and I already love him so much