Redemption Paws intake April 4th , 2022

True love at our intake

Last night our organization was able to take part in yet another successful intake, and as a result, save another group of dogs from euthanasia.

Every time we have an intake, we are taken aback by the kindness and trust shown by the dogs. Every single one of them has dealt with severe traumas that we will never know the extent of, yet the majority emerge from transport with nothing but excitement and wiggling bums. That’s what makes this all worth it. To see how amazing every single one of these dogs is, to experience their souls and know that because of everyone involved, they are still on this earth bringing joy to others. We can only hope that we do the same for them.

We truly have so much to learn from dogs.


If you are seeing this the day it comes out (April 4th, 2022) head over to our Instagram page and reply to our story telling us what the best thing you have learned from a dog(s) is. We are loving seeing all the replies.

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With love, Redemption Paws.

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