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Meet Angus! This sweet, shy boy is just starting to get comfortable in his surroundings and show his true bouncy, quirky personality. He his really not a fan of the snow and big city noises, but he is taking baby steps into adjusting. He is apprehensive towards new people, but he will let you close to pet and scratch him, which he LOVES. He came to work with me today and warmed up quite quickly to all the new people, and loved getting his belly rubbed.
He loves to cuddle and be right next to his human where he feels safe.
He is very food motivated, and loves treats and avocados. He needs to work on his basic commands, but is willing to learn and almost has nailed “sit”.
He is fully housetrained, walks well on leash and loves other dogs. He also does well in elevators too.
All in all, Angus is gentle and sweet and is the perfect companion in the making!