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Oh Amelia, such a sweet girl! She is very curious and very respectful. She is slowly coming out of her shell and showing us her true colours. She’s doing well in her crate overnight and we’ve worked on her crate time while we leave, so far no fuss! She is very food motivated which will be helpful with training. She is great with dogs and dog-savvy cats, very curious about these strange little animals! She follows us around everywhere we go in our apartment, if we’re hanging out she’ll relax on her bed, maybe nibble on a toy but is very laid back. She is fully housetrained and has not displayed any aggression/dominance issues whatsoever. She does best with slow introductions to people but once she’s comfortable (doesn’t take very long!) shes your best friend and loves lots of pets and scritches, her favourite spot is right behind her ear – it almost puts her to sleep! We had our first long walk today, it was a little overwhelming. So many things to see and sniff! We worked on getting her focus and making eye contact but also just wanted her to enjoy her walk! So we took our time, enjoyed the sights and all the smells. She will be nothing short of amazing in her new home