Alistair is a warm and very obedient dog. He lets me know that he needs to go out by first nuzzling his face to mine the walks towards the door. He’s very smart! On our walks he doesn’t force you to go his way. It’s been a pleasure to walk him. People stop us all the time to comment on his looks and to pet him. They say he looks like a short German Shepherd. He’s a handsome fella. He likes people and other dogs and never aggressive towards them. He can get a little excited when there’s a lot of barking dogs around.

Alistair can be playful and chill. He plays off your energy. We run around the park and he doesn’t really get tired but then at home he’s happy to just sit or sleep beside me while we watch tv. I got him his own bed beside mine but he still chooses to sleep beside me 🙂

If you are worried about your home getting messed up, this guy is an angel. He doesn’t make any mess! No scratched up furniture or belongings. I told him he’s not allowed on the couch so he doesn’t go on there when I’m around but I see him get on there on my house cam when I go out 🙂

I think if you are looking for a loving companion, he’s your guy. He’s is very low maintenance with a lot of love to give. He would a great addition to any size household.