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Alivia is a wonder woman! This girl can truly do it all. She’s super loving and affectionate – and knows how to show it! Alivia never hesitates to cuddle up next to you and is *very* liberal with kisses. She loves to play and enjoys the company of dogs and humans alike. Alivia has proven to be a pro at city walks and isn’t phased by sirens, bikes, buses, loud trucks, elevators, stairs, or construction. She responds to her name and is so smart that she has already learned the commands “come”, “eat” and “drop it”. She can easily be motivated with treats and will patiently wait in her crate for you to come home from work. 

Meet Alivia once and you’ll quickly fall in love with her charming personality. She’s so beautiful that she kisses her own reflection in the window! And, when she’s cold, she walks faster and tries to stop at condos along the way to warm up (don’t we all?) From outdoor adventures to Netflix nights at home, Alivia will be wagging her tail the whole time as long as she is with you.