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Little Pasta knows how to use his beady eyes and irresistible smile to get what he wants, which is CUDDLES, I mean apart from food.

Alfredo has a submissive energy and a wonderful temperament with a good balance of fun and chill. He really loves to curl up into a fetal position and stare into your eyes. He is gentle with dogs and amazing with humans. I would say he is more of a human dog but would do just as well with a family that has another mid level energy dog. He has not been tested with cats yet. Little Alfredo is working on the basics and already responds to his name and is perfect in his crate! He’s working on house training too and is making progress. If there’s one thing Alfredo love more than his people it’s his food! He has no resource guarding concerns, this guy is just seriously loves to eat. He gobbles up his food quickly so we’ve been using a Slow Feeder to help him slow down. Alfredo is a sweet boy who would make the most loving companion!