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Agnes is the sweetest Southern belle there ever was!

Honestly I cannot believe she was in a shelter, because this ball of love is perfect so far. She loves her people, and just wants head scratches and belly rubs. If she is feeling particularly greedy for some pets, she’ll walk between your legs and stay there until you pet her. It’s super cute.

She is great on walks. I live in a very busy area with cars and people, and nothing bugs her. She walks alongside me, slowly at times, so as not to miss any of the action. I would best describe her walk personality as pensive, as she watches every person and dog walk by with interest (without pulling). She just loves all the new things!

She’s a dream at home. She doesn’t make a noise or even show interest at people knocking on the door or being loud in the halls. She loves laying on her beds, even the one I got that is way too small because I thought she would be a bit smaller. She watches us eat but doesn’t beg for food. And she waits patiently for breakfast and dinner time with her cat brothers (whom she shows no interest in as well.) She is totally fine in the elevator, moving over to make room for more people or dogs. She is a little apprehensive on stairs, but she’ll do them with some coaxing.

She’s fantastic in the car, just lays down and falls asleep as soon as we start driving. She doesn’t love getting in on her own though. She received a clean bill of health from the vet, and as soon as she gets a quick trim at the groomers, she’ll be ready to go! Agnes is an amazing girl and will be a great companion for whoever adopts her!